HP Windows 8 Tablets Plans for 2012 Could Give Rivals a Run for their Money

October 29, 2011, By Leo Xavier

All the tablet manufacturers from around the world are working hard to bring out new tablets which could become strong rivals to the Apple iPad. And definitely Apple is not unassailable when it comes to selling devices since Samsung’s Android handsets have outsold Apple’s iPhone in the third quarter.

But the iPad is still ruling the market, although many Android tablets are posing a big threat to the tablet’s survival.

And now, it seems like more trouble is waiting around the corner. HP has confirmed  plans to launch their Windows 8 tablets next year.


As you might know, rumors related to upcoming Windows 8 tablets from HP and Dell have been flying around for a while now. Recently Dell released the specs details of its Latitude ST Windows 7 tablet and also confirmed that it is planning to release Windows 8 tablets in the coming months.

Now, HP has announced that they will continue to produce tablet PCs and that their upcoming slates, the first among which will launch sometime next year, will run the Windows 8 OS.

According to HP Chief Executive Meg Whitman, at a call with market analysts, has been quoted as saying:

We’re at the beginning stages of a new segment. I hardly think that we’re too late, the work we’re doing with Microsoft is extraordinarily compelling, ultraportables are compelling”.

It appears like the company is planning to churn out less number of products in the future. HP has confirmed that they will be focusing on producing a small number of quality devices. They will also be planning in such a way that it will help the company to succeed not just in 2012, but also come on top in 2013, 2014 and the future. As Whitman says:

One of my observations is that HP tries to do a lot of things. And I am big believer in doing a small number of things really, really well — set them up, knock them down, set them up, knock them down”.

So far, there haven’t been any hints regarding the hardware of the upcoming devices. The company is expected to give out a confirmation on that before the end of this year.

But, it will be trouble for HP if they do not release new devices in the near future. The first HP Windows 8 tablet might arrive only in mid-2012 or later. By that time, a huge number of customers might move to Apple and Android. The late arrival will also give Apple and Google more time to become even better.

But they can’t rush as well. Apple has been delivering a superior and unified user experience across its hardware, software and services. HP has a long way to go to become a big challenge to Apple.


HP is hoping that their future Windows devices will perform well on the market. As you might know, the company had a rocky experience with the Windows 7 Slate 500. And the company’s WebOS running TouchPad tablet was killed off in August.

Meanwhile, uncertainty surrounds HP’s WebOS operating system which the company purchased along with Palm last year for $1.2 billion.

Going by what  Todd Bradley, executive vice president of HP’s personal systems group says, the company will take  make a decision about the long-term future of WebOS within HP over the next couple of months.

There is a small element of hope in his words. But with no planned mobile devices and only Windows running tablets arriving, WebOS is most probably going to be on the bench for quite some time.

Stay tuned for updates on HP Windows tablets and WebOS. In the meantime, you can place your comments in the box below. Do you think that the HP Windows tablets will create waves on the tablet market next year?

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