Get Siri to Pour You a Beer [Video]

October 29, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Well, well, now there is one more thing Siri can do, thanks to the geeky guys over at RedPepper. Any guesses? That’s pour you a beer. This one, the thought leader of beer pouring as the creators say, is not exactly an app, but it’s more like a process which goes like this:

It all starts when a text reading “pour me a beer” is sent to Beeri’s Twitter account. This text is then turned into a tweet. When the Arduino Uno robot sees the word pour, it springs into action.

It sends the remote sends the remote control vehicle with a can of beer pre-loaded crashing into the lab of RedPepper.

Then the beer can is opened and filled in a glass through a hole in the table beneath which the glass is placed.

As messy and impractical the latest method to quench the thirst of nerds may sound, this is definitely a first in the many Siri based projects that are yet to come.

Doesn’t hurt watching how it happens, does it? Check out the video here.

Beeri from redpepper on Vimeo.

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