Channel Master New Box Could Prove to be Another Reason for Cord Cutting

October 29, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The month of November will start with a solution to all the households who do not have a pay-TV subscription.  Antenna manufacturer Channel Master will provide you with over-the-air and over-the-top video solution for all of them, well, and those who are not exactly happy with the bills they have to pay for pay-TV.

Channel Master TV includes a dual tuner for digital channels from broadcasters and clear QAM cable; their DVR includes 320GB of storage, enough for 150 hours of SD or 35 hours of HD programming.

The latest box from Channel Master enables free over-the-air HD broadcasts and comes with full DVR functionality, with the option to pause, rewind and record and store live TV and manage personal content. It also gives access to web content, like On Demand Movies and TV shows.

The box comes integrated with Wal-mart’s Vudo on-demand movie service, and its own app store which helps in streaming video, photo browsing, social networking and more.

The company has said that the new box started out as a sole antenna DVR, which allowed customers to watch a program and record another. The company later added an Internet connection after requests from their customers.

This one sounds likely to be a big advantage for the cord cutters out there.

But Joe Bingochea, vice president of product management and marketing at Channel Master says the company does not support cord cutting.

Though cord cutting is a hot topic, he feels a lot of consumers call the company because they’re able to cancel their video subscription.

“We do not want to support cord cutting per se. We do make the cords,” he opines.

Do you think cord cutting is a good idea when you do not have access to channels like HBO and ESPN?

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