Nokia Lumia Smartphones Connect You to Xbox 360 Directly

October 28, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Nokia Lumia line-up ought to turn some heads. We had told you about the gala release of the devices by the company at the recent Nokia World 2011.

The smartphones, Lumia 710 and Lumia 800, might well give a new life in sales for the Finnish company.

Nokia shook hands, over the Lumia handsets, with Microsoft and the partnership seems to have brought in a fresh wave of features that would be more appealing to gamers.



The Windows Phone handsets would allow their users to get connected to Xbox 360 directly. Set aside an Xbox and an Xbox 360 Kinect, loaded with Kinectimals game, and the Nokia Lumia 710 can be used to create, as well as personalize a virtual animal.

After the animal of your choice is selected, you can buy hordes of items from the game store, and gear up to play with your new digital pet straight from your Lumia smartphone or you can transfer it on to your TV screen through the Xbox 360.

An in-game option is present, so when you make a selection, it displays a QR code, which you have to feed into your Xbox 360 Kinect. This will register your animal and, in turn, switch it over to your Xbox 360 instantly.

There’s something in here for the non-gamers too. In case you are not much of a game enthusiast, you can spend your time watching films and listening to music.

Within a couple of months, a software update will be available, which will give your dashboard a fresh look and feel along with a bundle of new features. So how does that make you feel?

Drooling for a Nokia Lumia?

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