HP Ultrabook, Sub-17 mm Device, Coming Soon

October 28, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you thought you will never see HP dabbling in the PC mart, think again! The company has surprised everyone by announcing that they are not planning to leave the PC business.

And, if that wasn’t enough, HP has also made clear their intentions to step into the Ultrabook market.

So that also means that, like their rivals, HP too is turning to Ultrabooks – the new class of ultra-thin, lightweight laptops. HP’s Ultrabook  would be a sub-17 millimeter notebook.

The HP foray into the sub-0.8-inch, 3-pounds-and-under laptop market will be something that Apple’s MacBook Air might want to watch closely.

Though the Ultrabook foray is now certain, we are yet to get wind of the time of availability of the new device.

The other thing which is not clear is whether the device would come under the Pavilion or Envy brand.

Another surprising move by the HP is their comeback into the tablet business.

This was stated by HP’s  CEO Meg Whitman, who has been quoted as saying that the Windows 8 tablet is also in the company’s new products agenda.

That, in fact,  shows the company’s keenness of returning to the field they were about to leave, through the introduction of Windows 8 powered tablets. Are you also excited by HP’s latest move?

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