Will the Real Steve Jobs Please, Stand Up?

October 27, 2011, By George Lang

Steve Jobs (God rest his incredible soul) recently stood at a developers gathering and spoke of the marvelous advances available in Apples’ new iPhone: It is not only a phone, he said; it plays music; you can download and view an entire movie; the screen-based keypad is simple and convenient to use.

He went on and on about things that were available in 2002, long before the iPhone even existed, in a device anyone could purchase at that time known as a Pocket PC!

But the functionality in the Pocket PC did not catch on with the public at large until Steve Jobs and Apple went to work on it. Touch screen technology was added for simplicity of navigation, and a gyro-chip made it easier to toggle between the vertical and the horizontal; not to mention the fun and marvelous gaming capability it provided.

Jobs was not an elitist. He was a man of the people. His great achievement was to finally put complex technology in a form that was easy to use—for everyone! He was also a visionary marketing guru who was able to effectively communicate those forms to even the most simple-minded technology consumer.

Steve Jobs did not create most of the amazing technologies currently used in the Apple devices; he merely chose them wisely and set them loose upon a world whose buyers were stranded in a time-warp that was unable to grasp what they already had, and what a world it has become!

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