Get The PS Vita A Week Early

October 27, 2011, By Christian Davis

As someone who doesn’t care much for handheld gaming, the PS Vita looks like an awesome gaming machine and everyone else seems to agree too. Naturally, when you see something as cool as this, you’ll want your hands on it as soon as possible. For anyone who can’t wait and would like to get it just a few days earlier, that option is available. Dubbed the PS Vita “First Edition” bundle, gamers who pre-order the game through Amazon will get the portable gaming system early and it will come with some added goodies as well.

The bundle includes a limited edition case,  4GB PS Vita memory card, and  the game Little Deviants. Sounds like a good deal to me. In the US the bundle includes the  PS Vita with 3G and Wi-Fi for $349.99. In Canada however, the only one that seems to be available is the Wi-Fi model for a more affordable $299.99.

Head over to the PS Vita Amazon page to pre-order the handheld now. Sony appears to have done a really great job with the upcoming system and hopefully it delivers better than the original PSP and PSP Go. The PS Vita is dropping on February 22nd 2012. Who’s looking forward to the PS Vita? Let us know in the comments below.

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