Battlefield 3 Ships 10 Million In The First Week

October 27, 2011, By Christian Davis

Battlefield 3 launched October 25th, just 2 days ago. Obviously whatever bad press the game received from a glitchy beta didn’t affect anyone because it’s already shipped 10 million copies.

EA CEO John Riccitello made the statement during EA’s conference call. To compare how much more this is than previous title, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has only sold 11 million copies to date and that was released in March 2010. It would appear that EA has got quite a hit on their hands. EA has definitely got a head start on the modern war shooter genre, even though the years almost over.

Though there was a rough start with Battlefield and some questionable advertisements that took low jabs at Activision’s modern war shooter, we all obviously still love the large scale first person shooter.

Gamasutra reports that EA has also been receiving requests for restocks of the game in retail stores.  The immediate question that comes to mind is whether the other modern war shooter will sell as much or more? Regardless of that, Battlefield 3 is definitely a game to pick up for hours and hours of fun. The main draw to the game is it’s multiplayer; specifically on the PC. The 64 player matches are so unbelievably intense and though that’s not to say the 12 versus 12 player matches on the console counter parts aren’t bad at all.

Who has Battlefield 3? Which platform did you get it for? Let us know in the comments below.

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