Batman: Arkham City Nightwing DLC Trailer Gets Us Pumped

October 26, 2011, By Christian Davis

It’s great when a newly released title already has downloadable content on the way. It’s even better when it’s for Batman: Arkham City and you’re controlling his former partner Richard “Dick” Grayson, also known as Nightwing. The Nightwing DLC bundle pack is coming November 1st and it’s definitely one you’ve got to pick up. The trailer below showcases the black and blue crime fighting detective doing what he does best.

You’ll notice a couple of new things in this trailer because Nightwing has his own unique set of gadgets such as the wrist darts and combat that’s accompanied with two “Escrima Sticks” that can spray out jolts of high voltage electricity. The wrist darts even have you go into a first person view for increased accuracy.

With all the characters you control in Batman: Arkham City, none of them really feel the same and it’s great to see that sort of design philosophy. Different characters should always have different play styles and moves. I really wish that we could have some campaign DLC for Nightwing and Robin (who also has a DLC pack coming November 22nd). Having them go up against different villains and fight crime in Arkham City.

The Nightwing Bundle Pack will be available November 1st for 560 Microsoft Points ($6.99). Here’s the trailer below. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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