T-Mobile vs. Sprint Wireless Un-Limited Data Plans

October 25, 2011, By George Lang

How in the world, you might ask, can T-Mobile survive charging nearly half the price of its nearest competitors for the same thing: unlimited talk, unlimited text, and unlimited data? And they out-did Sprint in Consumer Reports recent customer service study to boot.
“For example, T-Mobile’s new Value family plan with unlimited talk, unlimited text and unlimited data with 2 GB of high-speed data is just $49.99 per line for two lines. Even with the addition of purchasing two smartphones, such as the T-Mobile myTouch® 4G Slide, on T-Mobile’s Equipment Installment Plan, on T-Mobile’s Equipment Installment Plan, customers may yield savings of more than $800 annually.”*

Granted, T-Mobile operates on the GSM network while Sprint delivers a more ubiquitous CDMA technology (i.e., better coverage nation-wide). But, for frequent business travelers overseas, GSM is a far more appetizing selection and T-Mobile (a Deutsche Telekom owned company) has the Blackberry phones with secure email to go with it.
The recent release of the iPhone 4S has added millions of new data users to the Sprint network; placing a squeeze on bandwidth and causing a slowdown for the already overly-taxed carrier. As mentioned above, T-Mobile (according to Consumer reports) is already preferred for customer service in virtually every major city nation-wide (with the exception of LA).
Ignoring T-Mobile as a cell carrier option for the businessman is analogous to purchasing a single loaf of bread at the super market during a buy-one/get-one sale because you don’t feel like walking to the bread isle from the check-out counter!
* Based on comparison of $99.98 Unlimited Value — Plus Plan (two lines), with a $15 per month smartphone payment per line, against comparable post-paid family plans for smartphones from Sprint, AT&T and Verizon Wireless; does not include taxes and fees.

T-Mobile myTouch® 4G Slide is available for a down payment of $249.99, with 20 additional monthly payments of $15; O.A.C., 0 percent APR. Plan features and limitations may vary among carriers. Data as of July 2011.

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