IT Doctor: Purchasing Wireless Service & Phone

October 25, 2011, By George Lang

When deciding to purchase and use a wireless service and cell-phone, it is very important to do a thorough analysis, arrive at an accurate diagnosis, and prescribe an effective solution:

1. The decision should first take into account your location; not all wireless ISPs are equal in a specific region. This could be the difference in avoiding frustrating dropped calls. Also, check to see if 4G data service is available as it is much faster than 3G data service.

2. Phone make and model are just as important to the decision-making process. Thoroughly go over your reasons for having the phone:
a. Are you simply using the device for voice communication? Or do you want to text chat and email with friends and colleagues?
b. Will you be using the phone on a business network for your job? If so, check to see if the wireless service provider may have a package agreement with your employer; and consult with your IT department to make sure the phone is compatible, acceptable, and secure on the corporate network.
c. Also, be sure to ascertain the availability of office applications for presentation review and editing, word processing capability, and spreadsheet and database availability.

Service providers and phone models vary widely in versatility and price. It is critical to research your purchasing decision on both frontiers or suffer the consequences of a long two-year service “prescription” without having exactly what your personal IT doctor should have ordered.

Doctor’s prescription: Do your homework before purchasing a wireless service provider and phone!

Photo credit: Fred Hoot

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