Minecraft For Xbox 360 Will Be Playable At MineCon

October 24, 2011, By Christian Davis

Did you ever imagine that Minecraft would be the phenomenon it is today? I know I didn’t though I’m glad it is. The game that is completely based off your imagination and has spawned some incredible creations. It’s a breath of fresh air for the industry. You could break it down to “playing legos on your computer” but it is more complex than that. The game is so big that it’s even spawned it’s own convention that is coming to Las Vegas this November. The best part? We’ll finally get our hands on Minecraft for the Xbox 360.

The game we’ve come to love on the PC sold over 4 million copies in the Alpha and Bet phases combined and it’s still not has not officially launched yet. The official PC launch will take place during MineCon which is great news. Apparently Mojang wanted a couple of his expansions out and in the game before it was official. Good choice.

Minecraft on the Xbox 360 is scheduled to be released  in Spring 2012 on Xbox LIVE Arcade. How large will this game be to download on the Xbox 360? Not word yet, but it probably won’t be very small.

MineCon is taking place on November 18th and 19th in Las Vegas. Will any of our readers be attending the convention? Let us know in the comments below.

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