Google Ice Cream Sandwich Ported to Nexus One [Video]

October 24, 2011, By Leo Xavier

Samsung’s latest smartphone, the Galaxy Nexus, is already popular and the main feature that makes it so is Google’s latest OS, the Ice Cream Sandwich. The OS is definitely awesome coming with a lot of impressive features and we know that many of you have already saved some cash for tasting ICS.

But now, it appears like those of you who own the now ancient Nexus One, Google’s first phone, could also enjoy a bit of ICS glory, although a bit sluggishly.

Developer drl33tmd, who got the Android 4.0 SDK, has managed to run the early port of ICS on the Nexus One handset.


We have added a video, which was posted on YouTube by the developer, for you to take a peek at the handset running the new OS.

But like most SDK ports, this one is also not perfect. The unstable build is sluggish and the Wi-Fi doesn’t work. There are also media playback issues. In short, Nexus One owners need not be too excited about the attempt.

But it is a good attempt. ICS appears to be running fairly well on the outdated hardware of the Nexus One. Check out the video and be sure to comment about it below. Are you planning on porting ICS to other devices?

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