Cheaper Chips Round the Bend as Thin Film and Xerox PARC Join Hands

October 22, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Thin Film Electronics ASA has entered into a partnership with Xerox PARC, which would enable them to add computing to Thin Film circuits. Thin Film is already well known for making disposable memory chips that are used in toys.

With the partnership, the company will be able to provide thin and disposable tracking tags as well as be an integral part in Internet service.

Thin Film and PARC together have added transistors and a bit more of memory to their circuits. According to the CEO of Thin Film, Davor Sutija, by next year’s end their smart thin-firm circuit will be attached with a sensor component to create a low power and cheap sensor.

Currently, each thin firm chip can be used as tickets and smart tags, with relatively low expenses. The low price is attractive because other technologies like RFID chips are more costly and so can’t be used extensively.

The thin film chips are read through a reader that comes into contact with the chip, so they don’t need power of their own to relay the information. If in addition, a sensor is added to the chip, then a battery is needed for the process.

With cheaper chips out there, more options are made available in tracking. The ability to store and process small amounts of data cheaply will be welcomed heartily.

Here’s the Thin Film roadmap, in case you are interested.

(Click on image for a larger view)


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