Sprint 3G Speeds Way Too Low, Post-Apple iPhone 4S Launch

October 21, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The iPhone 4S coming to Sprint was a great thing, but it is sort of taking its toll on the carrier’s 3G network!

All the record breaking sales numbers Sprint had when the iPhone was launched is giving trouble now. Customers across the country have started complaining about the carrier’s 3G network upload and download speeds by large. How bad is it, read on to find out.

It’s not just the iPhone and Android users who are affected; it is the whole 3G network.

There is a 45-page,  growing thread with over 700 replies from people complaining about the slow data speeds on the Sprint Community forums, and the customers are much more than disappointed. Some users say that the speeds are way too low, like 50 kbps.

At these speeds, the core features of the iPhone 4S, like the Siri cannot be effectively used.

Sprint’s network could not apparently handle the addition of iPhone 4S to its 3G line up. The carrier better act fast to rectify this thing, the customers always have other choices.

Are you a Sprint customer? How are the 3G speeds for your device? Let us know.

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