Sony PlayStation Suite on its Way to Non-Sony Devices

October 21, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Yes guys, Sony was not kidding when they said the PlayStation Suite will come to non-Sony Android devices.

The company is moving forward with the same idea. At AsiaD in Hong Kong, Sony Computer Entertainment Chairman and second in command of the company Kaz Hirai said that the company is in discussions with other companies to bring them on board.

So this Android friendly framework is very much open to other manufacturers, according to Hirai, who said that this is not an ecosystem where they want to keep everything within the Sony family.

The Sony PlayStation Vita is  coming to Japan in December, and the rest of the world early next year, Hirai said.

Hirai agreed that Apple and Android devices have made an impact in the traditional videogame business, but it’s not a negative one.

That has introduced new customers to gaming.  He said that playing games on Apple and Android devices are not the same as a dedicated player like Sony’s forthcoming PlayStation Vita portable videogame device

Now, there are only three PlayStation certified Android devices: Xperia Play, Tablet S and Tablet P. But you can be sure that this will change to include more devices in time. When exactly, we do not know.

Hirai said the announcement will be made when it’s time to go public.

It’s worth the wait, right?

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