Nokia Sabre Picture Out; Physical Buttons Revealed

October 21, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There is more update on yet another of Nokia’s Windows Phone devices. A new photo of the prototype version of Nokia Sabre has come up.

Though the picture has the device’s screen heavily masked, it is much clearer than the previously leaked one. And this picture gives you good news.

The picture of the upcoming device shows another aspect of the Nokia Sabre that the previous one did not, which is the physical buttons for back, home and search keys.

Well, the clear gel type buttons spare many of you the trouble of accidentally pressing the capacitive buttons, we are sure.

The image reveals a smaller screen, probably 3.7 inches. But we guess other specs of the Nokia Sabre will make up for that.

There is no switch for the front facing camera as well; maybe it does not have one, like the Sea Ray.

The Nokia Sabre is labeled as a prototype device in the picture, so it might look different when it finally sees the light of the day.

Let’s wait together for the Nokia World to get underway, where we will get all the answers. If anything comes up in the meantime, we will let you know.

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