Google Ice Cream Sandwich Source Code to be Out Next Month

October 21, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Android Building Google Groups page has a post, that went public, from developer Dan Morrill, and it bodes good news to all developers.

Dan has let known that the search giant, Google, will be releasing the source code for the recently announced Android 4.0 or more popularly known as the Ice Cream Sandwich as soon as it is available on devices.

When Google had released the Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Ice Cream Sandwich, they didn’t divulge the release date of the source code, which left many a developer down in the dumps.

It looked like the company was set on doing the same thing when Google didn’t release the Honeycomb source code.

But Google outlined the reasons for acting out thus. When the Honeycomb made its first appearance, it wasn’t a complete form. It lacked built-in phone support, so Google had apprehensions of developers installing them on devices, if they released the source code.

That would have been a disaster for every Android user out there, thereby black marking Google’s name. So to avoid that, Google would be releasing the source code of the Ice Cream Sandwich along with the Galaxy Nexus next month.

Well, that would mean, we would be seeing a whole lot of Ice Cream spilled on every manner of devices soon.

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