Google Ice Cream Sandwich Face Unlock Cannot be Bypassed, Says Tim Bray; It Could be, says Google

October 21, 2011, By Leo Xavier

Ice Cream Sandwich is the latest OS from Google. It comes with a lot of impressive features and one of the coolest among them is face unlock. This new feature that’s debuting with Android 4.0 gives you the capability of unlocking your phone just by holding it to your face.

But there might be a security risk involved. Since the introduction of the feature, some have speculated that it could be bypassed by holding a picture of the phone’s owner to the camera.

While Google’s Android developer advocate Tim Bray said that there is no way that the face unlock could be bypassed, the latest reports suggest that Google might be a bit worried about the matter.


It is true that the face unlock feature allows you to avoid using complex alphanumeric, PIN, or pattern codes to unlock your device. But customers might be worried if the feature can be fooled just by a photo.

Earlier, Tim Bray denied this was possible. He responded to the accusation saying, “Nope. Give us some credit”.

But according to the latest info, the search giant has admitted that it could possibly be fooled by a picture because the system is still in its early stages. Google said that the technology is relatively young, but promised that the feature “will only get better”.

But for now, anyone with a photo of you, or maybe even access to the photos in your Facebook account, could potentially access your ICS handset.

We haven’t got any confirmation about why Tim Bray denied the accusation. But whether there is a flaw or not, we will definitely know it when we get our hands on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the very near future. And we will let you know all about it. So stay tuned to this space.

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