Apple iPhone 4S TV Commercial Boasts Siri [Video]

October 21, 2011, By Leo Xavier

Although the Apple iPhone 4S wasn’t much appreciated by some Apple fans who were waiting for an awesome iPhone 5, the handset does come with good hardware upgrades.

One of the features that have been touted so much by the company is Siri, the voice-activated personal assistant.

Apple has done the same in the device’s first TV commercial.

The smartphone’s first ad has aired on TV and it prominently features Siri.

In the ad, we see several people talking to their iPhones, in very natural language. They are asking questions, looking up directions and setting up reminders.


The ad will be confusing at first for those who have never heard of Siri before because the personal assistant doesn’t appear until near the end of the video.

This is not the first that the company has decided to highlight the personal element in a device.

Last year, the company aired a series of commercials showing heart-warming FaceTime video calls between people.

Earlier, tech websites started posting a version of the commercial that someone filmed off the TV. We have embedded the official ad below which was posted on YouTube by Apple.

The company is touting the handset as the “most amazing iPhone yet”. What do you think about the device?

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