Verizon Galaxy Nexus Price in the US Likely to Stay in $600-$700 Range

October 20, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

You have been online witnesses to the launch of the Galaxy Nexus at the Ice Cream Sandwich event in Hong Kong. We know everyone of you out there is happy to see the Nexus.

However, the happiness seems to have been dented as Google stopped short of announcing the price and launch date of the device in the US market.

Don’t get disappointed so soon! With a favorable wind from the land of Europa, comes a price listing that would help us guess the Galaxy Nexus’s value on US soil.

As is the custom for online folks to reel up new smartphone details long before the official carrier does it, the practice has been honored in the UK too.

A listing for the UK Galaxy Nexus has been spied at retailers Clove, with a tag of £514.80 after VAT, to its name, off-contract and unlocked. When that money is converted into USD, we get a solid $678 on the Nexus.

Even though this doesn’t show an accurate number, provided that the US customers don’t have to pay as VAT, the price should be somewhere around $700.

Now, when you throw in a two-year contract, we might see the device lined up in Verizon’s army with a starting price of $299, as is the way for all new 4G LTE handsets.

This conversion is applicable to the 16GB Galaxy Nexus, so there should be noticeable differences when you go for the 32GB version off-contract.

The official word from Verizon is just around the block, so you needn’t sweat much longer.


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