Huawei MediaPad Android Honeycomb Tablet Hits FCC; Headed for T-Mobile

October 18, 2011, By Leo Xavier

Paying a visit to the FCC is the best way to get information about upcoming devices. Any device which is equipped with wireless anything has to pass through FCC doors before getting approval for hitting store shelves.

The first pictures of gadgets also usually come by way of the FCC. Such an upcoming device has hit FCC. The Huawei MediaPad, which is a tablet that runs the Android Honeycomb OS, has just hit FCC.

The device is expected to launch in the very near future since the FCC is often the last hurdle to clear before getting released on the market.


According to available info, the tablet is headed for T-Mobile. But unfortunately, we have no hints regarding an exact release date.

But we do know that the device will come equipped with a 1.2 GHz processor and will run Honeycomb 3.2.

The device will also come with a 7-inch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 800, dual cameras and HDMI. The T-Mobile version of the MediaPad will also pack in 3G and HSPA+ connectivity.

According to our sources, the device will come with a price tag of $200 on contract. That seems to be a very nice deal. Without the contract, you will have to pay $500. We believe most people who will get the tablet will stick to the contract.

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