Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Feels Verizon is More Reliable that AT&T [Video]

October 18, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you thought  Verizon is a more reliable network than AT&T, you have company!

The man who shares your view is none other than the co-founder of Apple – Steve Wozniak. Feels good to know that, huh?

As you might have read already, Woz had queued up at the Apple Store in California to buy his own iPhone 4S in true gentleman style.

The guys over at TechCrunch TV caught up with him for a little interview, and when asked about which model he was choosing, he said Verizon, because it’s a more reliable network. AT&T fans need not be disappointed; Woz ordered two AT&T models as well.

Steve Wozniak talked about the new iPhone 4S, how the new feature in it will change his life, and much more. He said he has been a massive fan of Siri and has been using it for quite a while.

Woz also said that in the future we should have answer engines rather than search engines. So clearly he wants his favorite Siri to find him an accurate and specific answer. Interesting thought, right?

Guys, here is the interview for your viewing pleasure. Watch and let us know how much you agree with Steve Wozniak.


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