Kindle 3 Software Update Roll Out On, Features Amazon Cloud Services

October 17, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Amazon, after the successful launch of the Kindle 4 devices, is in a mood to make their old Kindle 3 device owners happy. The company has opened the downloading option of the Kindle Keyboard, the current name of Kindle 3 for its software update.

With this new Software Update Version 3.3, the Kindle Keyboard owners will get the support for Amazon’s Cloud services.  It also allows users to view any archived documents, notes and highlights from the collection of books and articles.

The Whispersync, which automatically records the last page read, bookmarks and annotations for the personal documents in the Kindle devices, allows users to enjoy reading even after a pause.

It comes with shortcut for the users to quickly switch on and off for the Voice Guide feature in the Kindle devices. To activate this feature of reading aloud the menu options, content listings and item descriptions, you just have to hold the Shift key and press Spacebar for some seconds.

Amazon is also providing special offers for users to view, purchase, and redeem their local deals directly via the Kindle devices. Through the local offers in the regions, the users can save up to even 75 percent off in the products and services.

To download the free software update, connect the Kindle device to a Wi-Fi network, select the Menu from the Home screen and press the “Sync and Check for Items”.

The automatically downloaded update will be installed when you resume from the next sleep mode.

You can also manually download the update and install the update to your Kindle Keyboards too. Head here for more details and troubleshooting options.


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