Apple iOS 5 Manual Released; Download Your Copy Now

October 17, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Most of the time the word ‘manuals’ elicits groans from everybody, for just the thought of having to look through pages of material (which we think is unnecessary when we know-it-all!) is irksome. But it doesn’t hurt to have one around, even if we don’t use it.

Apple must have thought along the same lines that’s why they released the iOS 5 manual. Now, all the Android fans needn’t listen in on this, for this concern the iFans only.

The Cupertino-based company has released the iOS 5 manuals for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Maybe, there might be hidden in the operating system a labyrinth which might be difficult to cross through without the manual.

The manuals are all PDF files and it would be easier if you make use of your iTunes library for these. Download the files and keep them in the Books section of iTunes library, so they will be there for your perusal.

Even if you abhor reading, just download and keep them. It doesn’t cost anything and who knows, those pages might turn useful someday.

You can get them here.

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