Samsung Nexus Prime Now Available for Pre-Order

October 14, 2011, By Leo Xavier

We have good news for those of you who are waiting for the arrival of Samsung’s latest smartphone, the Nexus Prime. The device is now available for pre-order at Mobile City Online.

If you are not an Apple fan but want to stick to Android because of the low popularity of Windows phones, you will definitely be excited to hear this news.

The Nexus Prime, which will run Google’s Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS, is expected to be unveiled officially next week at the Samsung Unpacked event.


The device, which is expected to be a strong rival to the newly released iPhone 4S, has been listed for pre-order by Mobile City Online, a phone importer, with a price tag of $750. This is very interesting since it is a $200 discount over the supposed $950 listed price.

But unfortunately, there have been no hints regarding the shipping date for the much anticipated device.

The website has listed some of the basic features of the device which include quad-band GSM support, 1700MHz AWS and WCDMA 900 and 2100 bands support.

The device also features an 8MP Camera, a capacitive touchscreen and Samsung TouchWiz 4.0 UI. But other specs such as screen size, storage size, and processor speed are not listed.

But don’t get too excited. The device that you see there may not be the real deal. It was taken from YouTube as well as the leaked ad of the device. The final product might look entirely different. We will let you know as soon as more info is available. So stay tuned.

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