Samsung Galaxy Nexus Shows up on Verizon Internal Systems; Coming with 4G LTE Support

October 14, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We know that you are waiting eagerly for the launch of Galaxy Nexus aka Nexus Prime and the Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS. The phone is always hot in the rumors and leaks, and now the device has leaked again.

Just two days earlier, we updated you about the rumored release of the handset and its operating system at the AsiaD 2011 event in Hong Kong on October 19.

Now, the device has been spotted in Verizon’s Device Management system carrying the name Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Check out the image that is proof on the matter.


From the screenshot some of the details of the handset are available to us. The Galaxy Nexus on Big Red’s network comes with 4G LTE capabilities.

It is believed that the device has a battery life similar to the Verizon LTE devices. The “N” shown for the “Global Phone” is disappointing since the handset will not be a universal one. The GSM version of the phone was earlier found having global support.

You just have to wait till next week to know more about the Galaxy Nexus. And we can hope that Google surprises everybody with the new amazing features of Android 4.0.

As always, we will let you know if any new info comes up before the event. So stay tuned.

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