Musaic Box Android Game Takes You on a Musical Quest

October 13, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

These days, you get to find games incorporated in almost all devices like phones, tablets, and PCs. That’s the power the gaming industry has acquired of late. Hello, gaming freaks! You might be interested to play a new game christened Musaic Box which works on the Android platform.

As the name hints, the game is indeed music-based one, so you should have a sense of music to play this one. The PC version of this game has already achieved some credits in the gaming world.

This game has been awarded for the “Excellence in Game Design” at the Independent Game Festival back in 2009.

The game boasts features like the unusual gameplay rewarded for excellence, exciting musical masterpieces from the classical and modern melodies and stylish graphics.

We know by reading this you are enticed to play this game. Here is a brief description of the Musaic Box, which will surely impress you. This wonderful game comes as a fascinating combination of the musical puzzle and a detective quest.

The search for the vanished old organ master is the game theme. The game progress is akin to solving a riddle, and that has everything to bind you until the climax.

Similar to the classic hidden object games, this game is also packed with lot of puzzle-solving and gathering of clues. In addition to this, what you will like the most is the outline of musical scores for your music box and the exclusive puzzles revealed.

To solve the puzzle, you will have to recreate the masterpieces of the classic and modern music from the bit revealed. When you compose the melodies perfectly, the mystery will be revealed and then you can unlock the new game mode. Are you ready to play Musaic Box and enjoy the relaxing musical game?  Head here to get your hands on the Musaic Box.

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