Apple ‘iPad Mini’ Might be Unveiled to Take on Amazon Kindle Fire

October 13, 2011, By Leo Xavier

The Amazon Kindle Fire is already popular and it might eventually become a huge threat to the survival of the Apple iPad. Some are already saying that Apple is a bit worried about the matter and the latest rumors suggest that the company is working on a smaller iPad to extinguish the Fire.

According to the latest reports, Apple might be planning to work on a 7-inch ‘iPad Mini’ tablet. As you know, that is the same size of Amazon’s $199 tablet that will start shipping on November 15.

Other available info also points to the fact that the title ‘Mini’ may not necessarily mean a smaller tablet but a tablet with a lower price tag, maybe a device that costs close to $200.


As you might know, rumors about a smaller iPad are not new to the tech world. There were talks about an iPad Mini in the previous year also.

The late Apple CEO Steve Jobs had dismissed the notion of such a tablet during a conference in October 2010.

He then said, “Apple has done extensive user testing and we really understand this stuff…There are clear limits on how close you can place things on a touch screen, which is why we think 10 inch is the minimum screen size to create great tablet apps”.

Now, a ten inch tablet is awesome and one can do a lot with it. But the tablet market is changing. 7-inch and 8.9-inch tablets from Samsung, HTC, RIM and other manufacturers have already started to become head turners.

Some analysts are predicting that there is a big possibility for the Kindle Fire to record good sales numbers. If that happens, smaller and cheaper tablets will be a category that will finally bring down the iPad from its current position on the market.

So, Apple should rethink about their strategy. What do you think?

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