Opera Mobile 11.5 and Mini 6.5 Versions Arrive; See How Much Data is Saved

October 12, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Are you a big fan of Opera mobile browsers? If yes, the reason would invariably be this: when you load a web page, Opera’s server fetches the data, boils it down, and sends a smaller version of the page to your mobile phones or tablets, resulting in saving a lot of data.

Well, things are getting even better with the newly announced versions – the Opera Mobile 11.5 and Mini 6.5.

They now can show exactly how many megabytes Opera servers have retrieved with the original web site and the amount sent to the mobile browser. The new versions are beginning to arrive.

The Opera Mobile 11.5 and Mini 6.5 are different. The Opera Mobile 11.5 is suited for higher-end mobile phones and tablets, while the other works on many more devices.

While using Opera Mini version, the server processes all the web pages including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code, and sends down a boiled-down, easy-to-display version. The web pages will look more faithful to the original as well.

The Opera Mobile version, on the other hand, processes the code with its own browser engine, so that the proxy servers mostly are used for tasks such as shrinking graphics to smaller mobile screen sizes.

How many gigabytes you use may not be important at home, but it could be so when you are at a hotel, or with tablets and mobile device with a SIM card, or, if you’re traveling abroad and don’t have a cheap roaming feature. What do you think?

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