T-Mobile Bobsled Now Available with Enhanced Functionality [Video]

October 11, 2011, By Leo Xavier

T-Mobile has announced that their Bobsled universal web calling service is now available with enhanced functionality. The carrier has just announced new updates to the service after working with Vivox

The service is definitely T-Mobile’s bid at providing “a universal way to communicate however and whenever when connected to the Web”.

The update will bring improvements including the ability to call, message, and voice message one’s Facebook contacts at any time.


You won’t have to spend too much time to implement the service. The carrier will allow you to turn on a sort of obsled toolbar which will be coming to you in the form of a Facebook app. This tab will be visible to you all the time since it will be displayed in your browser.

The tab will slide along web pages, which will allow you to quickly access calling options.

With the service, you will be able to call mobile and landline numbers in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico for free. It is also available as a mobile app for devices running Android and iOS operating systems.

We are sure that it will definitely be welcomed by those of you who are tired of buying Skype credits to make web calls from a mobile device.

But the only down side is that it seems users will not be able to add phone numbers to their contacts in Facebook from the mobile app. Therefore, you may not be able to call those who haven’t listed their numbers online.

Overview from Bobsled on Vimeo.

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