Mass Effect 3’s Multiplayer Detailed

October 11, 2011, By Christian Davis

With Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer feature being in announcement limbo for months, it’s finally been confirmed that there will be multiplayer in the game. Usually, most of us cringe at the thought of multiplayer being tacked onto our games, but after reading about this, I’m looking forward to it. On Bioware’s social network, they have gone into great detail and answered some of the questions that most of us are wondering such as: Is it co-op? Will it take away some from the single player campaign at all? Do I need to play it? You know, just the basics.

Here’s an excerpt from the post below:

Why include 4 player Co-op multiplayer in Mass Effect 3?

  • Being able to explore and fight alongside your friends in the Mass Effect universe has always been something we thought would be fun and compelling, and many players have asked for it for a long time as well. Mass Effect 3 is the best place for us to introduce multiplayer through co-op because of the premise of the game – all out galactic war.
Why only 4 player co-op? What not a versus mode?

  • We have always maintained that we would only add multiplayer into the Mass Effect series if it made sense and did not compromise the power of the single player campaign. Fighting together against a common threat was the multiplayer experience that made the most sense for Mass Effect 3. The way we have designed co-op as a wayto take control of key conflict zones in the galaxy is a natural extension of the premise of Mass Effect 3.

For the rest of the Q and A click here and let us know what you think about the multiplayer addition.

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