Verizon Motorola Xoom Upgrade Brings Android 3.2.2 and SD Read/Write Capabilities

October 10, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Guys, it’s time for the 4G LTE upgrade of the Motorola Xoom on the Verizon Wireless Network.

The carrier has already begun shipping the update to customers’ doorsteps, and we can imagine how happy they are.

With the roll out happening now, we can be pretty sure that the tablet maker is keeping the promise they made at the launch of the world’s first Honeycomb device.

And, there are some interesting extras to the upgrade as well.

Users will now be able to enjoy Big Red’s next generation network speeds on the Xoom.

The upgrade brings a surprising bump up to newest Android Honeycomb 3.2.2. But there is not much known about the features of the new version.

Also, users can read from and write to microSD cards while working on the Xoom, which the previous version of the Xoom lacked. The Android Market comes pre-loaded in the tablets as well.

The turn-around time for the upgrade was expected to be 6 business days, but it seems it is happening sooner than that.

Xoom owners, is there more to the upgrade? Let us know.


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