Dell Windows Phone Handsets Not Arriving Soon; May Launch Windows Phone 8 Devices Later On

October 10, 2011, By Leo Xavier

Dell has confirmed that they won’t be releasing any new handsets running the Windows Phone Mango OS in the near future. It appears like the company is not willing to take any risks at the present moment and might be waiting for Windows Phone’s market share to increase.

Earlier, it was thought that Dell was working on the Wrigley handset, which was rumored to be a hardware update to the company’s first WP7 handset, the Dell Venue Pro.

But the Wrigley appears to have been canceled and it’s unclear if that device ever left the planning stages.


As you might remember, Dell had launched its Venue Pro handset last year. Although the device brought a unique portrait-sliding physical QWERTY keyboard on the market, it didn’t become a head turner.

One of the main reasons for this failure in the US might have been because the device is only sold either through Dell’s retail website or through Microsoft retail stores.

It was not available directly through carrier stores from AT&T or T-Mobile, which kept it away from traditional customers who learn about new releases only through carrier retail stores or through retailers like Best Buy.

This failure along with the low popularity of the Windows Phone OS might have made Dell rethink about their Windows Phone plans.

But Dell fans won’t have to worry for too long. Info also suggests that the company might launch another Windows handset when Windows Phone 8, code named the Apollo OS, will be available. And Venue Pro users also have nothing to worry about since the company has confirmed that it will continue to provide updates for it.

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