Apple TV Upgrade Round the Bend; iOS File System Reference Hints at That

October 10, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Remember the rumor earlier this year about Apple working on the successor to the redesigned Apple TV?

It’s been a while we heard about that, and now, there is more to it. A tear down of the iOS file system lead to a reference to Apple TV 3,1. This might be a huge upgrade from the current Apple TV 2,1 marking.

As Apple TV now has a fully redesigned case, the upgrade in question might be about internal changes.

A dual-core A5 chip could solve the problem of supporting 1080p video playback in the Apple TV which is now powered by A4 processor. Maybe, some 1080p iTunes content could also be coming along with the new model.

The Apple TV 3,1 reference comes from a file that Apple uses to activate unreleased devices that are in testing. Then again, a reference code in the in the iOS 5 does not necessarily mean that a new model is on its way. Apple is known to occasionally insert codes that never reach production.

But with competitors like Roku offering 1080p as a regular feature, Apple might be planning an upgrade.

We need to wait to know more. Join us as we go looking.


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