Panasonic HM-TA20 Underwater Camcorder is Built Tough [Video]

October 7, 2011, By Leo Xavier

Since the arrival of HD quality smartphones, many have lost interest in pocket camcorders. But you might find the Panasonic HM-TA20 appealing because of its amphibious nature and it comes with quite decent features as well.

The rugged HM-TA20, which is an underwater camcorder, is capable of shooting 1080p videos and 8 MP still images and you can dive with it up to a depth of 3m.

The camcorder will also be helpful to you as a digital voice recorder, and the device is well built, with watertight rubber seals protecting every compartment.


But the specs list of the HM-TA20 definitely won’t impress you that much. It comes equipped with a 1/4.1in CMOS sensor with a resolution of 5.33Mp, and it gives you 4x digital zoom.

Video capture is at 30fps in Full HD, 720p, VGA or iFrame resolutions and it also has a 3 inch resistive touchscreen. There is only a single physical button which is at the front and everything else is handled through the touchscreen. There is a weak LED light on the side of the lens which is not very helpful.

But the screen is fairly sharp underwater and it also features Panasonic’s Intelligent Auto System, which allows the cam to automatically recognize a scene, adjust exposure and white balance and also enables functions like low-light or face detection.

The HM-TA20 can be yours for either £160 or £180 depending on which Panasonic link you click on. Check out the sample video of the camcorder and you can comment about it below.

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