Create an Audio Slideshow in Windows 7

October 7, 2011, By Christian Cawley

We’ve already looked at how Windows 7 DVD Maker can be used to burn video clips to DVD quickly and efficiently without relying on third party products.

But did you know that you can also use it to create an audio slideshow?

Now, this possibly isn’t the first use you would think of for a DVD. After all, they’re capable of storing at least 4.7 GB, so you might be more interested in creating your audio slideshow – that’s photos accompanied by music – and burning it to a CD instead. Either is fine!

An audio slideshow is a great way of enjoying photos on your TV or PC. All it requires are images and a soundtrack. As you’re creating this for personal use you can use any music that you own a copy of (unless explicitly stated otherwise) as the audio track.

The results can be stunning; you might burn a slideshow of wedding photos, accompanied by music from the day itself, or perhaps snaps from a holiday accompanied by a memorable tune from the trip.

Create an Audio Slideshow in Windows 7

Getting Started with Your DVD Audio Slideshow

To begin with, you should check through your photo library for the images you want to use in this project, and copy them into a new folder. This can be used for keeping the photos in one place and if you notice any images that need resizing or cropping to look their best on screen you can make the changes here rather than upsetting the originals.

Next, go to Start and type dvd. The Windows DVD Maker program should be listed, so select this to launch the application.

Once you’re started, click Add items and browse to your folder of photos. You can then select your photos to add them into the slideshow project, ready for burning!

Make sure you have selected the correct DVD burner in the top right corner, and use the Options button to select the correct aspect ratio and video format. You can also name the disc in the DVD title field.

Configuring the Slideshow

When you click Next, you will see the menu options. You don’t need this right now, so instead click the Slideshow button. Here you can Add music to the slideshow by browsing for appropriate tracks. If you are concerned about the length of the slideshow and the music matching or otherwise, use the Change slideshow length to match music length option to match the two.

A variety of transitions is also available, and you might like to activate the Use pan and zoom effect for pictures to add some motion to the project. When you’re done here, hit the Change slide show button to continue, and then use the Preview button to get a sneak peak of your work.

If you see anything you wish to change, or the slideshow has completed, hit the Back button. You will now need to change the menu as appropriate. The default choice might suit you, but if not there are plenty to choose from. The menu will allow you to select specific images to start viewing the slideshow from if necessary; note that via the Customize menu screen you can also add audio to the menu.

Once you’re happy with your project, insert the disc and click Burn – you’re all done!

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