Acer and Asus Low-Priced 15-inch Fiberglass Ultrabooks in the Works

October 7, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Now, this is something that could keep the ultrabook terrain hot and simmering. Acer and Asus are trying different ways to climb up the ladder in their quest for a top slot in the tech horizon with their 15-inch lightweight ultrabooks.

Similar to what rivals have been doing of late, the two computer makers are also trying to compete with Apple for the coveted spot.

As a part of this strategy, both the companies are trying to introduce new ultrabooks that will be priced lower than the Apple’s base models.

Acer’s plan is to launch a 15-inch ultrabook with an enclosed fiberglass body by early 2012. What prompted the company to use the fiberglass are its cheap costs and light weight properties, when compared to the normally used aluminum.

Actually, the company was planning to release this device by the fourth quarter of this year, but unfavorable market conditions had prompted them to postpone the roll out to early 2012.

Meanwhile, Asus seems to toe the same line as Acer, and might be using the fiberglass from the same supplier, Mitac Precision Technology, for their ultrabook model.

The money both the companies could profit for an ultrabook is $20, wherein $5 -$10 could be saved due to the fiberglass cases.

Many companies, including Apple, use aluminum cases for their devices. And, that have been an influential factor in the pricing of the devices.

We also have here something more for the folks in the US. Asus will be launching their first very light and thin aluminum covered ultrabooks – UX21 and UX31 – stateside next week.

Also, Acer is on the way to release the Aspire S3 too. The price of Asus UX21, the device which comes with similarities to the 11-inch MacBook Air, is yet to be revealed.

Stay with us as we go hunting for the pricing details.


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