ZTE V55 Tablet with Sprint Branding Goes Through FCC Scrutiny; Release Likely Soon

October 5, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

ZTE is about to plant a foot in the tablet market with their V55 tablet. The tablet walked down the FCC hallway for approval.

A couple of months ago, we got wind of the device from a leaked Sprint roadmap and a possible release in early 2012.

Now that the device has land at FCC terrain, the release window seems like it is ready to open.

The slate runs Android, which isn’t exactly a mystery. And, aside the fact that WiFi b /g and Bluetooth support exists, there’s really nothing else to tell on this boy.

We also see a Sprint logo on the rear of the tablet that has been elaborated on the FCC documents.

The documents speak of a CDMA tablet, and the absence of a 4G radio does back up the point. We have no information on the processor, or storage or any of the software for that matter.

But with the approval near at hand, it shouldn’t take time for the details to pour in. So stick around and we will give you a tour of the V55.

However, tell us if you are really interested in laying your hands on the slate when it actually arrives. Do let us know why you would want to own one.


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