Apple, Why Did We Get the iPhone 4S and Not the iPhone 5?

October 5, 2011, By Leo Xavier

Earlier, we gave you live coverage of the “Let’s Talk iPhone” event from Cupertino where we witnessed the unveiling of Apple’s latest smartphone, the iPhone 4S. But why exactly did Apple decide to introduce the iPhone 4S instead of the anticipated iPhone 5?

If you weren’t under a rock for the past few hours, you might know by now that the iPhone 4S comes with a lot of impressive specs such as a dual-core A5 CPU, a dual-core GPU, an 8 megapixel back facing camera, and it can switch intelligently between two antennas.

The dual CDMA / GSM iPhone 4S also comes with Siri, a voice-powered assistant, and it comes with good battery life as well.


At the event, the company also reviewed some of the features of its latest mobile OS, iOS 5. The company also lowered the price on its iPod nano and its low-end iPod touch, expanded the available memory to 64GB on its iPod touch and iPhone models, lowered the price of its iPhone 3GS to free with a 2 year contract, and also announced a launch date for its iCloud service.

But earlier, it was widely expected that Apple will unveil iPhone 5. Instead, the company came out with the iPhone 4S. It just took the existing parts of the iPhone 4, added a more powerful processor and replaced the camera with the 8-megapixel one.

Many Apple fans appeared to be disappointed, but they still managed to overwhelm the company’s web site which was returning “Access Denied” errors after the event was over. So why didn’t Apple introduce an iPhone 5?

First of all, Apple was at the topmost spot on the smartphone market in the second quarter of 2011. The company overtook Nokia Oyj, RIM, and new force Samsung to reach that spot, and it did it without releasing a new handset in the past 15 months.

And Apple recorded a 125 percent increase in profits to $7.31 billion.  The company definitely didn’t need to release an iPhone 5 to become the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer.

But there were reports that suggested that the iPhone 5 was facing endless production issues.  According to one report, the tear-drop shaped iPhone 5 with a larger screen and thinner, rounder body was seeing continued design and production delays.

Maybe the company is still working on the device. But we believe that the unveiling of an even more impressive iPhone will not happen for another eight to ten months.

Another issue could also explain Apple’s decision to stick with the 4S. As you might know, Samsung provides the chips, the RAM and other parts for Apple’s handsets.

But in 2011, Apple sued Samsung in many countries accusing that Samsung was churning out devices that were imitations of the iPhone and iPad. Later, Samsung accused Apple of infringing its wireless patents, and was seeking an injunction order against iPhone units and the iPhone 5.

There is also a possibility that Apple was working on the iPhone 5 in the previous months. But when calls for a new iPhone came, the company probably decided to rename an unfinished iPhone 5 as an iPhone 4S.

And it should be noted that Apple only makes use of existing technology, and is only good at designing pretty devices and marketing them efficiently. Could Apple be running out of new innovative ideas?

But there is yet another important thing that we should not forget. All the Apple rivals are yet to bring out their impressive gadgets. As you know, Nokia has not launched its Windows phones, RIM is waiting to showcase its QNX-based superphones, and Samsung is working on its quad-core touchscreen handsets.

Maybe Apple is waiting for its rivals to take the first leap so that it can launch the iPhone 5 after making more significant improvements to it.

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