RIM BlackBerry Messenger Android App Screen Shots Out in the Open

October 5, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We heard a few weeks ago about the BBM service for Android, though official words were left unsaid.

The latest we have for you here are screen shots of the forthcoming app. Soon after the surfacing of the shots, rumor mills have got into working overtime yet again.

One major aspect we hear is that the app would get an official stage at this year’s BlackBerry Devcon, that would get underway in San Francisco from October 18th to 20th.

The images were found by TechnoBuffalo and they even got a tipster tell them thus:

“I work for RIM and I was shown the latest version of bbm for Android. I ran the app on the blackberry android dev phone. ( The dev phone feels very cheap and unstable and the front four buttons have just been stuck on. I don’t believe this phone will ever be released to the public.) The latest version certainly looks better than the previous version.”

The images of the service could quite possibly be an elaborate hoax. But then, before you write it off, we guess it would do no harm if you would want to cross check if it is the real thing.

If it is indeed true, then we will be hearing about RIM’s foray into Android space pretty soon.

Stay tuned as we go looking for more on that.

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