Monster Vision Max 3D Eyewear System Transforms the Way You Watch Your Favorite Movies

October 5, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Entertainment is already treading the three dimensional terrain.  With manufacturers the world over getting into the technology saddle in tune with the changing needs of the couch potatoes, high definition televisions with 3D features have become the order of the times. It is here Monster steps in.

A global forerunner in advanced audio and video accessories, Monster has thrown open a new wave of uninhibited entertainment avenues with their new Monster Vision Max 3D eyewear system.

Get to play with it and you will agree this one-of-a-kind universal wireless 3D eyewear shutter system works with all brands of 3D HDTVs. What the user gets to experience is a new level of power and 3-dimensional visual immersion while watching Blu-ray movies or playing advanced video games.

You would be amazed big time, if you would have had a chance to try out the new product from Monster. We did, and we are in fact all for it.

The most significant advantage of wearing the new Max 3D eyeglasses system is that it never gives any room for fatigue, even after extended hours of movie watching.

Further, the style element gets an A-plus. The sleek and lightweight high-gloss black design gives the device a fashion accessory status that you would even want to step out wearing this awesome wireless 3D eyewear shutter system!

If you are wondering what brings in the laudability factor to the Max 3D eyeglasses, here goes: The Monster Vision Max 3D puts to play top-of-the-ladder RF technology so as to make your 3D HDTV experience amazing than ever before.

Though that sums up what the product brings to our midst, the functionality can be explained thus: The Max 3D eyewear system uses Monster Vision Max 3D Active Sync technology, which is based on Bit Cauldron’s HeartBeat technology.

By effectively bringing in the Active Sync technology, the Max 3D eyewear enables reliable communication with the RF transmitter, thereby generating the best and purest transmission of 3D content between the source and the eyeglasses.

In the process, it also does away with the common sync issues found in most IR-based shutter glasses. Doesn’t that sound too good to believe?

Going into it a bit deeper, we would like to explain the process as the effective use of the Active Sync technology that permits the wireless Universal 3D Shutter Transmitter to tune into the signal from any 3D-enabled flat panel display.

The transmitter then wirelessly decodes the shutter signals so as to transmit them to a sensor embedded in the glasses.

Here’s where the ZigBee’s 2.4 GHz radio technology that has been incorporated into it comes to the fore to bundle the interference rejection software and sync correction and make the result trouble free.

The Max 3D system boasts specially designed lenses that react electro-chromatically, literally blinking faster than the eye can see to create the most reliable, believable and immersive 3D images, says the company.

One advantage that the Active Sync technology offers is the enabling of the Monster Vision Max 3D glasses to work with one TV even when other 3D TVs or Monster Vision Max 3D Shutter Transmitters are so close to each other. The RF technology lets the device work with any 3D television.

Powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer battery the Max 3D eyewear lets you watch many hours of 3D content on a single charge.

What we also give the thumbs up to in this wireless 3D eyewear shutter system is the aspect of upgrade it comes with. The company has made the product with changing technologies in mind and it can be updated to future standards. This comes with utmost user-friendliness too, as new IR codes  can be learned by way of USB through the built-in Monster Vision update portal.

So, this is the time to choose one of those Max 3D systems. It comes in sizes that fit all and can also be worn over your prescription glasses if you already wear a pair.

If you are planning to get the futuristic 3D eyewear, you can get them the Monster Vision Max 3D eyeglasses and transmitter kit this month by parting with just $249.95 per set. If you would want to pick additional Monster Vision Max 3D eyeglasses, you may have to spend an extra $169.95 per pair.

So tell us if you are planning to get yours. Also, do not hesitate to scribble in your experience. We bet this is going to be awesome, indeed.

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