T-Mobile to Launch Multiple Smartphones and Tablets in November

October 4, 2011, By Leo Xavier

A couple of days ago, we heard T-Mobile was lining up  for  November 2nd a super-mega-launch day. We heard the carrier would be  introducing some of the latest devices on their network. We have the latest info for those of you who were eagerly waiting to know what exactly T-Mobile has in store. The image posted alongside suggests that the carrier has big plans for next month.

As you might remember, T-Mobile had come out with something similar in November 2010. A high-profile launch day took place that month which introduced the myTouch 4G, Motorola Defy, LG Optimus and other devices.


But now, the carrier will be bringing out a whole lot with Android, Blackberry and tablets. The list includes devices from Samsung, LG, and HTC among other companies.

According to the roadmap, on November 2nd, the carrier will bring out two new myTouch by LG devices, the Maxx and Maxx Touch. You might not have forgotten these devices which were spotted around T-Mobile’s YouTube account and T-Mobile.com earlier. Another LG device that will be launched on the same day is the LG Flip II.

T-Mobile will also introduce the HTC “Omega”, which is better known to the world as the HTC Radar 4G, and it will also hit store shelves on the 2nd.

The list also includes the Huawei “Tallsome”, which is expected to be showcased at Fall CTIA 2011 taking place next week, and the Samsung “Ancora” which is believed to be the replacement for the Exhibit 4G.

But the story doesn’t end there. November 2nd isn’t the only busy day for the carrier. The carrier will also bring out new devices the following week on November 9th. The list includes two high-profile devices – the Samsung “Robin”, which is better known as the Galaxy Tab Plus 7 inch Samsung Tablet, and the RIM “Dumoine”, which is better known to the world as the Blackberry Torch.

The roadmap also indicates the arrival of the Samsung “Arnold” or Galaxy Tab 10.1″ tablet on October 26th and Huawei Sonic 4G Mobile Hotspot on October 19th.

As you might have noted by now, the myTouch by LG devices are not labeled as being “4G”. This substantiates earlier claims that these devices are mid-tier and set to appeal to a family audience.

But the roadmap appears to list incorrect dates for the HTC Amaze 4G and the Galaxy S II. The HTC Amaze 4G and Galaxy S II will be available for pre-order on 10/10 and for in store purchase on 10/12.

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