Samsung Epic 4G Touch Hit By Reception Problems; Fix Arriving Soon

October 4, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Samsung Epic 4G Touch – the Sprint version of Samsung Galaxy S II – which has been continuing its successful run, seems to have hit the speed breaker. One hassle that has begun hurting Epic 4G Touch owners lies in the field of signal reception.

The Epic 4G Touch, which launched a few weeks ago in the US, is now reported to have complications like call drops and slow speeds in the user areas. Meanwhile, some of the phone owners claim that there are no problems for them.

The ultra-thin Android 2.3 powered handset impressive features includes 4G WiMAX support which had made it more attractive.

Samsung and Sprint seem to have realized the complications, and have already launched themselves into trouble shooting mode. Some of the Epic 4G Touch owners believe that a solution could be on the way and might reach customers in a couple of weeks.

We also hear that Samsung has not been too worried about the problem and has directed the issue to the carrier to tackle. Meanwhile, Sprint, who is already focusing more on the launch of iPhone 5, might take some time to solve this Epic 4G Touch problems.

We hope a solution comes about soon so that customers stay happy.

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