LG myTouch Smartphone Spotted on T-Mobile Website

October 4, 2011, By Leo Xavier

Is there a new smartphone in the works at LG? Going by the image of a device that is currently being advertised on the Android page of T-Mobile’s website, it appears the release of a new myTouch device on the carrier is imminent.

As you can see, the device being pictured is definitely not the HTC Sensation 4G. That indeed drops some hints on the new proposed offering. Don’t you also think so?


Take a look at the image and you will see that the three capacitive buttons at the bottom of the smartphone and the myTouch branding there. Their presence actually reminds us about a new upcoming device, and it could well be the LG myTouch handset that surfaced earlier this month.

You will agree with us if you have already seen the leaked shots of the phone. The shot of the device has leaked again. And as we speak about this, more evidence has come up suggesting that the device seen is certainly the future myTouch by LG.

A tweet in the meanwhile tells us that Chrome users who can inspect the element on the T-Mobile page will get enough proof on the matter.  Check out the image below.



We expect the device to be officially announced sometime soon and as always, we will let you know all about it.

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