HTC Working to Quell Android Security Menace, OTA Update Soon

October 4, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Accepting the fact that their Android smartphones have some loopholes in security, HTC has begun working to zero in on solutions.

Even as the task is being addressed, the company seems so keen to affirm that the “massive” privacy issue will not harm customer data.

Due to the security defect, any app that has internet access can go through the user account information, GPS location, system logs and other potentially private data.

The phone maker is aware that this leak in the system can be misused by a malicious third-party application.

So, they are focusing more on the security update and will send it for carrier testing in a short period.  HTC is also planning to send this upgrade over-the-air to their Android devices and users will be notified when it is ready for download and installation.

HTC also reminds users that so far, no reports of harmful security disclosures have come about,  relating to the problem, and this is only a theoretical flaw, which will soon be fixed.

Unfortunately, the time period of the update release has not been clarified as yet. Knowing the importance of this problem, which might worry customers in future, HTC will soon come up with absolute security fixes. HTC has also advised customers not to use apps from the untrusted sources. Are you listening?

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