Apple Likely to Offer iOS App Rentals with iOS 5

October 4, 2011, By Leo Xavier

Almost everyone out there seems to be  eagerly waiting for Apple’s iPhone 5 event to begin soon. The company is expected to introduce their latest mobile OS, iOS 5, at the event. New info has it that the OS has been  discovered in the latest beta version of iTunes.

According to the new info, which was uncovered in the iTunes 10.5 Beta 9, Apple might soon start offering app rentals in iTunes 10.5.

The image posted below is proof . If the company starts allowing app rentals, users will be able to rent app from iTunes for a certain period of time.


The app would disappear from the device as soon as the rental time period is over.

This new discovery was made by Sonny Dickson, and the iTunes app rentals are expected to work in a similar way to the iTunes movie rentals.

If this comes into effect, users could pay a small rental fee to test an app out before they decide to purchase it. This will be a whole lot better than testing the free version, as users will be getting the full application for rent.

Apple is expected to announce something regarding the matter during their keynote presentation on Tuesday. We will let you know as soon as more info arrives. So stay tuned.

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