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October 3, 2011, By Christian Cawley

When using Windows DVD Maker, you have several choices available. One of these is to simply add a video to the project, click Options > DVD-Video and choose Play video in a continuous loop in order to avoid using a menu (useful if you have just a short video clip to burn).

The alternative is to embrace the depth of choice offered by the menu facility, which is packed with various pre-set menus that can be added, edited and altered slightly to better suit your DVD burn project. Microsoft has offered a good set of configuration options for these menus, so they’re certainly worth exploring, even if you don’t plan to ever use them…


Preparing Your DVD Menu

Before you click Next, but after you have added at least one video clip to your Windows DVD Maker project, make sure you’re happy with the DVD title that you currently have assigned. While this can be changed later on in the DVD menu editing options, it is more elegant to change it here and see it reflected in all the menu previews before you make any changes yourself.

An excellent choice of 20 menus is available, and each of these can be previewed. The first way of previewing is by selecting them from the menu on the right, while a full interactive preview can be achieved by clicking the Preview button.

It is with the Menu text and Customize menu buttons that the real customization can be applied, allowing you to create polished DVD menus.

Altering Your DVD Menu Text

The first thing you should do is check that you are happy with the Menu text. This is typically limited to just the DVD title (you can also change this here) as well as the option to change the font, weight and color of the title text.

You might also choose to change the labels for the Play button and Scenes button, although this isn’t necessary.

There is also the option to add some notes to the DVD menu text, and these will be displayed when you select a scene to view. However the Notes option will only appear if notes are present.

Customizing the Menu

Before you begin burning your disc, other customization options are available, ideal for tweaking the style of your menu.

Again, the menu font can be altered, although this is a more generalized setting than that seen for the labels in the menu text. More interestingly, foreground videos, background videos and menu audio can be selected, with various shape options available for your scene icons.

The finished results can then be retained for use on other projects with the Save as new style option.

Once you’re happy with the style changes, click Change style and you should then be ready to burn Burn your project to DVD!

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