Apple iPhone Park4U App Will Let You Park Your Car Remotely (Video)

October 3, 2011, By Leo Xavier

Everyone knows it is raining apps, and you will find thousands of iPhone apps  all around. The number will be more than enough to overwhelm you, and they just keep on coming. A new iPhone app has debuted that helps you  park your car.

A few years ago, self-parking cars were being touted like they were one of the best things that happened to mankind.

But that  became less and less, partly thanks to lawsuits and partly because of the fact that parking a car is not at all a hard skill to master.



But something cooler has come up. Valeo has introduced Park4U, an assisted-parking system. This system works by utilizing several distance-sensors and other components to help you squeeze your vehicle into even the tightest of parking spots. If the vehicle gets too close to an object, the sensors will detect it and the car will stop.

What is so different about this system? First of all, you will be able to park your car without touching the wheel. But the best thing is that the car can be parked without you in it.

As you might have guessed by now, the new parking system gets its own iPhone app. The Park4U app will let you park your car remotely.

But the app won’t make you totally in control. You won’t be able to steer the vehicle with it. With the app you can just remotely accelerate and apply the brakes, and the car has to be in the Assisted Parking mode for the app to work.

Park4U is currently available in several Volkswagen and Audi models, and reports also suggest that the technology is also available in late-model Ford and Lincoln vehicles. But there has been no announcement regarding the availability of the app. We expect it to launch sometime in the very near future.

For now, you can just check out the video to see the app in action. And don’t forget to leave your comments in the box below. Do you think that the app will become popular? Or will it end in another lawsuit?


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