Apple iPhone 5 on Multiple Carriers, a Big Worry for Competitors

October 3, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple is doing better with every iPhone launch. But that has not kept Google’s Android from growing to be one of the favorites among smartphone users. Neither has it hindered Blackberry’s noticeable presence on all the major US carriers much. But the status quo is sure to change, when Apple launches the iPhone 5.

Competition will get tougher when the new iPhone comes to the market; this time, the smartphone is not riding just AT&T. Yes, Verizon and Sprint will have their own iPhone 5 as well. And now that the iPhone will be available in multiple carriers, the competitors will need to gear up.

Apple’s exclusivity on AT&T was one among the many reasons for Android becoming prominent in the smartphone market. Also, BlackBerry and others have been a mainstay in all the major carriers in the US.

So the iPhone on AT&T had posed a lesser threat as compared to what the iPhone 5 on multiple carriers would, when it arrives.

Even the months-old model of the iPhone 4 on Verizon became the top selling smartphone for the carrier, when it arrived earlier this year. Imagine what a brand new iPhone 5 can do then.

Well, the iPhone 5 on multiple carriers may not completely destroy competition; the other smartphones have earned their position by now.

But the next-gen iPhone might easily topple the other big names like the Droid and others form the top seller spot.

Are the competitors ready to face the impact of Apple’s big blow? Let’s wait and watch.


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